5 Things to Look for in Janitorial Services Providers

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While we’re all told not to judge a book by its cover, the care put into property maintenance offers great insight into how seriously a property manager takes their responsibilities.

Now, more than ever, cleaning is an essential aspect in providing a healthy work environment and maintaining a positive reputation for a property. As concerns surrounding COVID-19 rise in Canada, thoughts are turning toward more robust commercial cleaning options and some property managers are looking to enlist outside help for the first time. Many companies will claim to be experts in this field but it pays to do a little research before deciding on the best fit.

Here are 5 key aspects to review when looking for a janitorial services provider.

Track Record

When considering hiring an outside contractor, vet them as extensively as you would an in-house hire. Check reviews from those who have worked with them in their past and lean on your network for recommendations. Unsure of where to find reviews? It’s ok to ask the provider for some unbiased references. Contact these individuals yourself and get their opinions on areas like performance, consistency and response time. If anything doesn’t seem right, move on to the next option on your list.

Customer Service

We always tell our clients to expect more from their service providers. Sure, you’re paying them to fulfill a particular role but outstanding businesses will go the extra mile to cultivate a strong and mutually beneficial relationship. At the very least, you should expect regular communication, speedy solutions and a positive, “can-do” attitude. Request regular check-ins where both parties can discuss how the contract is going and make changes to improve the relationship.


A janitorial provider may be an excellent company but a lack of experience in the relevant area/sector might hamper their effectiveness. Make sure to ask for relevant experience servicing compatible properties and business types. Each industry and building are vastly different in their janitorial needs. Make sure to partner with a company that understands exactly what is needed. It will save time and money for both parties.

License and Insurance

Any contractor a business/property works with should carry full and thorough insurance coverage. This point can often go overlooked but there’s nothing wrong with also ensuring they are fully licensed. Sure, the risk may be low, but it’s vital to ensure coverage is in place in case any contractor was to suffer an accident-related injury on the job.

Other Services Offered

At The Secured Property Group, we’ve learned many of our clients don’t have the time to deal with lots of small contractors. As a result, we offer a synergetic solution to janitorial and property maintenance that allows them to handle multiple contracts through one provider. Each of our janitors receives basic security training, allowing them to bring a multi-disciplined skillset to their role. This approach saves time, money and oversight for our clients.

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