Clearing Up Common Misconceptions About Private Investigators

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Of all the misunderstood industries out there, Private Investigators surely rank somewhere near the top. We’ve all seen their appearance in movies, where an often-shady private eye will go to great – and sometimes illegal – lengths to crack open a case.

While their resourcefulness and effectiveness aren’t in question, it’s still worth trying to clear up some of the common misconceptions surrounding this rapidly growing industry. If you’re thinking of hiring a private investigator to run a background check or spearhead an investigation, it’s worth having a realistic idea of what they can and cannot do. That’s why we decided to debunk some of the more well-known myths surrounding private investigators.

They Always Obey the Law

Private Investigators work in an extremely regulated field. In Canada, private investigators are required to accumulate 2,000 hours of training and work experience before they qualify for an ‘unrestricted’ private investigator’s license. If a private investigator was found to operate in an illegal way they would be instantly stripped of their license and unable to operate in Canada. As a result, Private Investigators work within the law and will not carry out any illegal activities in their line of work.

They Cannot Access Confidential Information

Despite what you may have read or watched, Private Investigators don’t have access to RCMP or intelligence databases, nor can they access any other confidential documents. What they are experts at is using publicly available information to their advantage. Rather than accessing confidential info, a well-trained Private Investigator is sifting through public information carefully, uncovering vital clues and details others have missed.

Their Work is Often Mundane

No, Private Investigators aren’t embarking on wild car chases or camouflaged in bushes with binoculars. Instead, they spend a lot of time at a desk in an office, doing research, reviewing notes and putting together pieces of their investigation. Their roles often have more in common with a librarian or a researcher than is portrayed in the media. When their investigation does take them out into the field, they are typically found discreetly following a person of interest or conducting interviews to further their investigation.

They Work with Police

Private Investigators aren’t the rivals of police they’re often portrayed as. Instead, police and investigators work together to achieve the same cause. Both are dedicated to uncovering the truth and will collaborate to share their findings. Police have even been known to hire private investigators to put a fresh set of eyes on a cold case that can’t be solved.

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