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A thing you learn quickly after starting a business is that entrepreneurship isn’t a singular job. Instead, it’s a blend of lots of different small jobs. To survive, you have to become nimble at overseeing every aspect of the business, taking care of duties that range from the large (securing financing, product development and deciding on key personnel) to the very small (setting up direct deposits for utility bills, keeping receipts for tax time).

This concept of “wearing many hats” is all the rage these days, with the phenomenon extending downwards to individual team members who are cross-trained and cross-functional across several departments. This concept of cross-functionality hasn’t yet received broad uptake in the services offered by businesses. If we’re expecting our management and personnel to be nimble, why not carry this philosophy into the services we offer?

Delivering Extra Value for Clients

From consulting with our clients – mainly property managers – we found a common thread. They’re busy individuals and far too much of their time was spent on needless busywork handling admin for several small contractors. We realized there was a better way of doing things. They needed a security presence alongside more practical services like landscaping and janitorial. What if we adopted a synergistic approach and blended these services to tailor their situation?

We decided to upskill our building maintenance teams with basic security training. This allows them to follow the principle of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design). As attitudes toward security best practices have shifted through the years, it’s become apparent security is just one piece of the crime prevention puzzle. Criminality can flourish where environmental circumstances and opportunities allow it to. Facilities management staff play a huge role in this endeavour. It’s been demonstrably shown that keeping a property clean, safe and well-lit will act as a powerful deterrent to opportunistic thieves.

In a competitive field such as facilities management, it’s vital to deliver value to clients and help them protect and enhance their properties. In pioneering a synergistic approach, we believe we’re helping them attack the root cause of the problem.

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