From Mulch to Monkey Bars: The Importance of Protecting Outdoor Spaces

Posted by David Skuy on

When you think of security needs, what comes to mind? Protecting the value of open businesses might be the most obvious answer. But just because most stores and public facilities are closed, does not mean that they are not at risk for break-ins, vandalism and crime. In fact, the opposite is true. As we discussed in last week’s blog post, protecting businesses is more important now than ever. However, this week we want to highlight the importance of what’s happening outside buildings; how landscape upkeep acts as a deterrent to crime, and the importance of protecting public areas that are now closed for use.


Maintaining the Landscape Helps Deter Crime


When you leave on extended vacation, chances are you ask a neighbour or friend to check your mail, water the garden and keep a light on to make it appear that your home isn’t empty. It’s common sense that an empty or abandoned building becomes a target for vandalism or break-ins. The same is true for non-essential commercial and retail buildings, many of which are now closed to reduce the spread of COVID-19.


Since 2008, we have proven that good landscaping plays a vital role in maintaining and securing a building. Moreover, the spring season is the most important time to refresh the physical grounds in preparation for the summer season. If you’re looking to improve the security of your building, including grounds maintenance, get in touch with us—we are fully operational and remain committed to the highest rigour of security and landscaping services for your business needs.


Securing Public Recreation Areas


Warmer weather is descending, and with the closure of gyms and recreational sports facilities, people are flocking outside for fresh air and for exercise to combat cabin fever. While getting outside is necessary for physical and mental health, measures still need to be taken to ensure the community’s safety in the midst of COVID-19.


In an era of increased time spent outdoors for most people , the BC government has taken to restrict or close access to recreational areas including some trails, public playgrounds and campsites. However, if these closures are not properly enforced with a security presence, chances are some of the public will still access them, despite the risk of spreading and transmitting COVID-19.  Secured Property Group is ready to protect these outdoor areas for the sake of public health. It’s our way of supporting the fight against the spread of COVID-19. 


The Secured Property Group is dedicated to supporting BC’s Provincial Health Officer’s guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. As we all know, these guidelines are not just to protect BC citizens, but to reduce the incredible strain on frontline healthcare workers as much as possible. It’s in all of our best interest to all do our part.


If you’re a government agency, property management firm, general manager or office manager, we are waiting for your call to discuss the needs of your organization. Get in touch and we’d be happy to help!