Increased Crowd Sizes Necessitates Good Parking Patrol

Posted by Bal Jouhal on

Summer is upon us, and that got us thinking about the importance of parking patrol. Here’s why: warm weather draws increased crowd sizes, and by extension crowded parking lots. For example, beaches and other popular recreational areas are opening, and this means more traffic in and around parking lots. Whether it be at the beach or the grocery store, effective parking patrol at busy lots is beneficial for everyone. When done well, parking enforcement is safe, secure and profitable. Our integrated synergistic solution for car park managers provides parking enforcement and security in one convenient package. Let’s look at how effective parking patrol can reduce crime and maximize revenue at your parking facility. 

Reduce Crime

Across Western Canada, parking lots have become a target for crime. They’re a popular spot for vehicle break-ins, as well as disturbing incidents such as verbal or physical assault. Effective parking patrol will keep your premises secure against crime, and safe for all patrons. A proactive approach to safe parking lots will  reduce risk as well as’ time and money spent on legal fees and reparation. As no two parking lots are the same, we work to find a coverage program that suits the unique situation. Our team can even perform audits of the parking lot and make recommendations on environmental changes that will help to deter crime.

Maximize Revenue

If you want to maximize the revenue of your parking lot, hire a parking enforcement service. For many parking facilities such as shopping centres, hospitals and campuses, each parking space is built for revenue. However, the maximum profit is often not realized because of unauthorized vehicles or expired tickets. Parking patrol officers do routine checks of the premises to ensure each car abides by regulations. If not, tickets can be issued for enforcement.. 

The SPG Advantage

At The Secured Property Group, we utilize the principles of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) to reduce crime and enhance safety as part of our Parking Enforcement service.We work with each client individually to establish an appropriate parking patrol security plan. All of our parking enforcement guards are trained in basic security protocols. This enables our team to effectively deter theft and crime while enforcing lot rules and regulations. Large or small, indoors or outdoors, our team is well-equipped to secure your property’s parking facility and maximize your revenue. 

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Our team works with clients to build bespoke parking enforcement programs that suit the needs of their location. We deliver quality parking patrol services for private lot operators, municipalities, institutions, hospitals, campuses and more. Get in touch with us today to learn more.