Key Holders: Secure Your Building & Peace of Mind

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A professional key holder gives business owners peace of mind by protecting them and their property. Whether you’re out of town, on vacation, or simply asleep, a key holder takes care of any emergency situation at your property. This gives you peace of mind and reduces liability. Want to know more? Read on for the what, why and how of key holding services. 

What does a key holder do? 

A key holder keeps a set of your property’s keys in a secure location. In the case of an alarm or emergency, they act as the first line of response on site. Key holders are trained to defuse all incidents, whether it be a break-in, environmental damage or just a false alarm. Since they are trained in security procedures, you can have peace of mind that any security threat will be dealt with by professionals. We know that emergencies cannot be predicted, which is why we are available 24/7, year-round. 

What you can expect from a key holder

What happens when you hire The Secured Property Group for keyholding?  

After you’ve made the sound decision to hire professionals, we do a full initial inspection of the premises to note any specific instructions about the property. This includes technical knowledge about how the alarm system works. We then keep the keys in a secure, off-site location. 

When an alarm sounds or emergency strikes, day or night, we leap into action in three stages: dispatch, inspect and report. 

1. Dispatch

When a threat to your property arises, we promptly dispatch one of our security officers. Our quick reaction time ensures that any situation is dealt with as soon as possible. A prompt response minimizes the extent of the damage, and lets you rest easy knowing that your building is in good hands. 

2. Inspect

Upon arrival, the security guard carries out a full inspection of the property. Any signs of forced entry or visible damage are taken note of. In the case of a hostile break-in situation, our guards are fully trained to defuse hostile situations and call on law enforcement agents when necessary. If emergency services are needed, we liaise with them accordingly. Once the situation is dealt with, we reset the alarm and ensure the property is left secure. 

We understand that many business owners might be tempted  to act as the first responder situations at their property. However, this potentially places them in dangerous situations, such as in the case of an active break-in scenario. The Secured Property Group’s team has the knowledge and training to handle these situations safely professionally.

3. Report

By the end of the next day, you will receive a full written report of the incident. This report includes details about the situation, including results from the inspection. 

Our goal is to clearly and effectively communicate the essential information of any emergency episode to you. You can be assured that all emergencies will be dealt with promptly, thoroughly and professionally. 

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In need of a trusted key holder? As a business owner, it’s important to take a step back and relax every now and then. Our key holding service grants property owners the ability to take a break while knowing their property is cared for 24/7. Secured Property Group is ready to assist with all of your business security needs. Get in touch today.