Keyholding – Security for the Budget Conscious

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To operate a business efficiently you need to consult regularly with your key stakeholders and devise solutions to their problems. In our case, these key stakeholders are our clients.

Many of them operate in industries with fine margins and we appreciate their budgets can be tight. That being said, they still want the peace of mind of working with an outside security business. That’s why we devised a solution that increases their peace of mind without sacrificing on coverage.

What Does Keyholding Involve

The Secured Property Group’s keyholding service offers round-the-clock protection 365 days of the year. This specialist security service sees us hold a set of keys to a commercial premises in a secure, off-site location. We act as first responders, accessing the building in the event of an alarm or emergency situation. This ensures any situation outside the norm is dealt with by a security professional trained to handle it.

When our team member is on-site, they will look for any visible damage or signs of forced entry to the property. A full written report with all details pertaining to the situation will be submitted the next day.

The Benefits of Keyholding

Considering increasing security options at your property? Here are some of the benefits of The Secured Property Group’s Keyholding service.

Reduces Risk

Many business owners want to act as the first responder to any alarms or situations at their property, but this can potentially place them in dangerous situations. While alarms can often be innocuous, there’s always the potential for walking into a hostile situation. The Secured Property Group’s team has the knowledge and training to handle these situations.

Coverage 24/7

As business owners, we understand the importance of taking time away from the business to rest and relax. Our keyholding service grants property owners the ability to step away and take a break knowing their property is cared for in the event of any emergency situations.

Quick Response

Sometimes, it’s just not possible to respond to an alarm promptly. Life gets in the way and an alarm can go unanswered for hours before anyone can get to it. The Secured Property Group guarantees a quick response, with our controllers despatching a member of our team as soon as the alarm is raised.

Eliminates Confusion

Depending on the circumstances surrounding a property, more than one individual might be a designated keyholder. Unless these individuals have a clear communication plan in place it could lead to confusion and delays if an alarm was raised. Our trained Keyholders cut through this confusion, providing a prompt and effective response at all times.

Find Out More

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