Security Companies: How to Find the Right Fit

Posted by David Skuy on

Shopping around for security companies can be an overwhelming task. With so many security companies out there, how do you know which to choose? There are some key things to consider when choosing the right security solution for your business. To help you find the right fit, we’ve compiled a list of attributes to look for when searching the security company that’s right for you. 

Consider their Work History

Business longevity can say a lot about the experience of a business. Security companies that have been around for a longer time likely have more expertise in their niche. That said, having years of experience isn’t necessarily a good indicator of the quality of experience. 

Look for a company with a breadth of experience. This includes companies that have multi-industry expertise. Experience across industries ensures a broad range of understanding of diverse security threats and solutions. The more the diversity of experience, the better a security company will be able to make a comprehensive plan to fit the security needs of your business or property.  

Prioritize quality of service over size of the company. Large security companies often boast about their size. However, this isn’t always the best indicator of quality service. If you hire a local small- or medium-sized security firm, chances are your business means a lot more to them. This means they are more suited to develop custom crime-prevention plans tailored to your needs. A security company’s capacity to meet the unique needs of all their clients depends on their adaptability and flexibility. If a company isn’t willing or able to provide one-of-a-kind solutions to your diverse needs, they don’t deserve your business. 

Reputation Speaks Volumes

You can do all the research you want on the websites of security companies, but don’t just take their word for it. Seek out the opinion of current and past clients. This includes reading client testimonials and Googling the company. Look up online reviews such as on Yelp, Facebook and the Better Business Bureau

Ask the company to share reference letters with you. This will give you a good sense of the company’s reputation. Look for a security company that has built long-standing relationships with their clients. The more research you can do on the reputation of security companies, the better. 

Reliability is Everything

Make sure the company you hire is reliable. This includes communication and technology. If a problem arises, your security provider should be one phone call away, available 24/7. If they’re not always available to you, they don’t deserve your business. Reliability also speaks to the technologies employed by security companies. Are they using the latest technology? Will your property be constantly monitored? Can they provide you with real-time updates? Security companies with reliable surveillance technology systems will be more effective in deterring crime. Simply put, security companies who aren’t communicatively available or using up-to-date technology aren’t as reliable or effective. 

Professionalism Matters

The integrity of security companies speaks volumes to the quality of service they deliver. Make sure the company you hire can prove their business licence and insurance. All security companies in BC require a security industry business licence. Moreover, ensure that the security officers are individually licenced as well. This licence ensures that the appropriate training and background screening is complete. 

Another indicator of reliable security companies is how strict their hiring process is. These practices might include additional background checks and supplementary training. Security companies that have additional internal training likely have a higher rigor for quality assurance. 

Next Steps

Once you’ve found a couple security companies to reach out to, ask them each for a quote and compare. Follow up with additional questions you may have, including contract details. 

First impressions matter. When you reach out to a security company, pay attention to their response. Was their communication clear and professional? Did you receive a response in a timely manner? Did they go above-and-beyond to answer your questions and meet your needs? Find a security company that will respond quickly, answer patiently, and work hard to earn your trust.

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