Why Janitorial Cleaning Services Will Be Essential in the Post-COVID Era

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As workplaces begin to open doors again, responsible employers should strongly consider the importance of janitorial cleaning services. Even as provincial restrictions are loosened, the threat of COVID-19 will linger until a vaccine is developed. We’ve all been practicing good hand washing and regular sanitizing, but now we need to consider how high-traffic areas can be kept safe from the virus. Since workplaces are busy areas, janitorial cleaning services will play an important role in ensuring a clean and safe environment.

Limiting the Spread

There are two ways to keep your employees safe as they re-enter the workplace: increased disinfectant application and physical distancing.

Increased Disinfectant Application

We know now that coronavirus spreads through close contact. Transmission is accomplished through the transfer of respiratory droplets. These droplets are spread through coughing, sneezing and personal contact. High risk transmission areas are door knobs, light switches, bathroom surfaces, touch screens and more. Work areas such as lunch rooms, washrooms, and workstations are hotbeds for germs. It is essential that these surfaces are disinfected regularly to limit the spread of germs. 

Even before the pandemic, The Secured Property Group understood the importance of a clean work environment.: it increases productivity, and upholds the professional image of a business. A clean work environment is now considered an even greater matter of importance. Janitorial cleaning services ensure that commonly touched surfaces get disinfected regularly. If you don’t already have a professional janitorial cleaning services team, now is the time to hire one. 

Physical Distancing

Beyond janitorial cleaning services, workplaces can also put measures in place to limit personal contact. These include increased distance between desks and workstations; reducing activities that require proximity, such as large meetings; staggering employee start times; and ensuring that disposable disinfectant supplies are available for employees to disinfect their own workstations. 

It’s difficult to predict what work life will look like after the pandemic, and how it will change business-as-usual. One thing for certain is that increased physical distance, cleaning and disinfection practices will become more essential. 

The SPG Advantage

Our janitorial cleaning services go above and beyond. We offer flexible and efficient services that are fully adaptable to the needs and schedule of our clients. Our team is equally comfortable between retail malls, office buildings and single retail stores

At The Secured Property Group, every team member receives basic security training. This allows them to identify potential security issues while they perform janitorial duties. Our janitorial cleaning services team is typically the first to notice if something seems wrong. Our principle of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) anticipates common behaviours of criminals, and creates an environment that discourages criminal behaviour. 

With The Secured Property Group, you can be assured that your property is well cared for through our multifaceted security and janitorial service offerings.  

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