5 Things to Look for in Janitorial Services Providers

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While we’re all told not to judge a book by its cover, the care put into property maintenance offers great insight into how seriously a property manager takes their responsibilities.

Now, more than ever, cleaning is an essential aspect in providing a healthy work environment and maintaining a positive reputation for a property. As concerns surrounding COVID-19 rise in Canada, thoughts are turning toward more robust commercial cleaning options and some property managers are looking to enlist outside help for the first time. Many companies will claim to be experts in this field but it pays to do a little research before deciding on the best fit.

Here are 5 key aspects to review when looking for a janitorial services provider.

Track Record

When considering hiring an outside contractor, vet them as extensively as you would an in-house hire. Check reviews from those who have worked with them in their past and lean on your network for recommendations. Unsure of where to find reviews? It’s ok to ask the provider for some unbiased references. Contact these individuals yourself and get their opinions on areas like performance, consistency and response time. If anything doesn’t seem right, move on to the next option on your list.

Customer Service

We always tell our clients to expect more from their service providers. Sure, you’re paying them to fulfill a particular role but outstanding businesses will go the extra mile to cultivate a strong and mutually beneficial relationship. At the very least, you should expect regular communication, speedy solutions and a positive, “can-do” attitude. Request regular check-ins where both parties can discuss how the contract is going and make changes to improve the relationship.


A janitorial provider may be an excellent company but a lack of experience in the relevant area/sector might hamper their effectiveness. Make sure to ask for relevant experience servicing compatible properties and business types. Each industry and building are vastly different in their janitorial needs. Make sure to partner with a company that understands exactly what is needed. It will save time and money for both parties.

License and Insurance

Any contractor a business/property works with should carry full and thorough insurance coverage. This point can often go overlooked but there’s nothing wrong with also ensuring they are fully licensed. Sure, the risk may be low, but it’s vital to ensure coverage is in place in case any contractor was to suffer an accident-related injury on the job.

Other Services Offered

At The Secured Property Group, we’ve learned many of our clients don’t have the time to deal with lots of small contractors. As a result, we offer a synergetic solution to janitorial and property maintenance that allows them to handle multiple contracts through one provider. Each of our janitors receives basic security training, allowing them to bring a multi-disciplined skillset to their role. This approach saves time, money and oversight for our clients.

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Expect More from Your Facilities Management

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A thing you learn quickly after starting a business is that entrepreneurship isn’t a singular job. Instead, it’s a blend of lots of different small jobs. To survive, you have to become nimble at overseeing every aspect of the business, taking care of duties that range from the large (securing financing, product development and deciding on key personnel) to the very small (setting up direct deposits for utility bills, keeping receipts for tax time).

This concept of “wearing many hats” is all the rage these days, with the phenomenon extending downwards to individual team members who are cross-trained and cross-functional across several departments. This concept of cross-functionality hasn’t yet received broad uptake in the services offered by businesses. If we’re expecting our management and personnel to be nimble, why not carry this philosophy into the services we offer?

Delivering Extra Value for Clients

From consulting with our clients – mainly property managers – we found a common thread. They’re busy individuals and far too much of their time was spent on needless busywork handling admin for several small contractors. We realized there was a better way of doing things. They needed a security presence alongside more practical services like landscaping and janitorial. What if we adopted a synergistic approach and blended these services to tailor their situation?

We decided to upskill our building maintenance teams with basic security training. This allows them to follow the principle of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design). As attitudes toward security best practices have shifted through the years, it’s become apparent security is just one piece of the crime prevention puzzle. Criminality can flourish where environmental circumstances and opportunities allow it to. Facilities management staff play a huge role in this endeavour. It’s been demonstrably shown that keeping a property clean, safe and well-lit will act as a powerful deterrent to opportunistic thieves.

In a competitive field such as facilities management, it’s vital to deliver value to clients and help them protect and enhance their properties. In pioneering a synergistic approach, we believe we’re helping them attack the root cause of the problem.

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Are you a property management firm, general manager, government agency or office manager? Whether your operational needs are simple or complex, we would be thrilled to meet with you to deliver results-based solutions tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Get in Touch and let's chat.

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Clearing Up Common Misconceptions About Private Investigators

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Of all the misunderstood industries out there, Private Investigators surely rank somewhere near the top. We’ve all seen their appearance in movies, where an often-shady private eye will go to great – and sometimes illegal – lengths to crack open a case.

While their resourcefulness and effectiveness aren’t in question, it’s still worth trying to clear up some of the common misconceptions surrounding this rapidly growing industry. If you’re thinking of hiring a private investigator to run a background check or spearhead an investigation, it’s worth having a realistic idea of what they can and cannot do. That’s why we decided to debunk some of the more well-known myths surrounding private investigators.

They Always Obey the Law

Private Investigators work in an extremely regulated field. In Canada, private investigators are required to accumulate 2,000 hours of training and work experience before they qualify for an ‘unrestricted’ private investigator’s license. If a private investigator was found to operate in an illegal way they would be instantly stripped of their license and unable to operate in Canada. As a result, Private Investigators work within the law and will not carry out any illegal activities in their line of work.

They Cannot Access Confidential Information

Despite what you may have read or watched, Private Investigators don’t have access to RCMP or intelligence databases, nor can they access any other confidential documents. What they are experts at is using publicly available information to their advantage. Rather than accessing confidential info, a well-trained Private Investigator is sifting through public information carefully, uncovering vital clues and details others have missed.

Their Work is Often Mundane

No, Private Investigators aren’t embarking on wild car chases or camouflaged in bushes with binoculars. Instead, they spend a lot of time at a desk in an office, doing research, reviewing notes and putting together pieces of their investigation. Their roles often have more in common with a librarian or a researcher than is portrayed in the media. When their investigation does take them out into the field, they are typically found discreetly following a person of interest or conducting interviews to further their investigation.

They Work with Police

Private Investigators aren’t the rivals of police they’re often portrayed as. Instead, police and investigators work together to achieve the same cause. Both are dedicated to uncovering the truth and will collaborate to share their findings. Police have even been known to hire private investigators to put a fresh set of eyes on a cold case that can’t be solved.

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At The Secured Property Group, our Private Investigators boast years of security experience in multiple fields. Whether you’re looking to perform a background check, are concerned about a potentially fraudulent insurance claim, or just want to know if a Private Investigator can help, get in touch and we’ll be delighted to help.

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The Benefits of Working with a Security Consultant

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One of the most important early lessons I learned as an entrepreneur was to stop trying to do everything on my own. Sure, getting to call the shots and be your own boss is a thrilling and gratifying experience, but it doesn’t mean you have to exist on an island.

If a business needs help with bookkeeping, they turn to an accountant; If they’re suffering legal woes, they turn to a lawyer. Why then, should any business owner attempt to go it alone on their security needs?

Leaning on Expertise

The security industry is a highly specialized market that faces a constantly shifting landscape. In many aspects, what was considered a best practice as recently as five years ago is now considered archaic. How then, can an entrepreneur, busy with the day-to-day grind of running a business, be expected to keep abreast of developments and protect their business?

Working with a security consultant bridges this knowledge gap and may be the most cost-effective move a business owner can make. Here are some of the benefits a business can expect when they work with a security consultant.

A Valuable Outside Perspective

As I alluded to earlier, a business owner can get so caught up in the mundane daily grind of running a business they lose sight of important issues. A security consultant will take an objective and holistic look at the security situation of the business, making recommendations with no bias and no agenda. They are trained to identify areas of potential risk and how a business owner can quickly and efficiently mitigate the dangers.

A Health Check for Processes

“We’ve always just done it that way…”

You’d be amazed at how many businesses lean on the above statement. The truth is, it’s an impediment to progress and efficiency. A security consultant doesn’t care for how things have previously been done. Instead, they will make recommendations on how existing processes can be refined. Security is intrinsically linked to every aspect of a business. That’s why security consultants are thorough in examining how departments work cross-functionally and how security synergies can be improved.

An Injection of New Skills

It’s a security consultant’s job to stay on top of current security strategies and methodologies. As part of their role, they bring these skills to the senior management of a business, helping to develop their skillset and get them thinking in new and innovative ways. This effect will carry forward, benefitting the business long after the consultant has finished their work.

Maximizing Security Spend

Already spending money on security infrastructure? Chances are this money is being spent inefficiently. A security consultant will examine any investment and ensure accountability with your security provider. They will also recommend any capital purchases your business should make while ensuring you don’t waste budget on inappropriate security products.

Work with a Security Consultant

Interested in working with an outside security consultant? The Secured Property Group is the company to work with. Our consultants have years of experience with businesses in every market sector, working for clients like the British Ministry of Defense and multinational corporations. Get in Touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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How to Boost Your Property’s Curbside Appeal

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The curbside appeal of a property is often overlooked by property managers. It’s a shame, as improvements to curbside appeal don’t usually require expensive fixes or painstaking renovations. It also offers plenty of amazing benefits, no matter the purpose of a building.

When you put forward a beautifully manicured, easy-to-find and easy-to-navigate setting, people are more likely to find your building and leave with a great impression. Think of it as a chance to make a lasting impression on visitors, while creating an atmosphere regular staff can feel proud of. Looking to improve the curbside appeal of your property? Here are some simple tips to get started.

Regular Maintenance

We’ve all heard the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but this piece of wisdom can be safely discarded when it comes to curbside appeal. A property that looks neglected and dirty doesn’t provide a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and can prove a detriment to attracting business. Investing in regular property maintenance isn’t just common sense – it’s good for business. It’s even a money saver in the long term, as preventative maintenance is a lot more affordable and easier than major maintenance work.

Add Some Greenery

A little landscaping can go a long way. We live among drab concrete buildings and public spaces. Something as simple as a flower bed, or well-maintained hedges, can make any building exterior look more engaging, vibrant and welcoming. That being said, it’s vital to stay on top of the landscaping of this greenery so the building continues to look superb instead of sloppy.

Clear and Easy-to-Read Signage

You want customers to instantly know you’re open for business and the hours you’ll be open. Choose brightly coloured, vibrant signs that are easy to read quickly. You’ll want your signage to be visible from the sidewalk and street. Ensure your signage is aligned with the character of your street/neighbourhood so it doesn’t seem tacky or out of place. Try to pick branding that is suited to physical display such as signage, as well as digital signage such as your social media accounts and business website.

Be Accessible

Your goal should be to make visiting your property as simple as possible. Parking is a huge component of this, and customers should be able to access parking in a simple manner. Car parks should be free of potholes, debris, and lines should be easily visible. If parking is a problem at your location, clearly state this on your website. Display instructions on where visitors can park and any costs associated with it.

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Interested in improving the curbside appeal of your property? Secured Property Group is happy to assist with any aspect of your property maintenance. Contact us and let’s chat.



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