Concierge Services

Excellent Customer Service

Concierge services with Secured Security Limited are second to none. All our concierge staff has extensive backgrounds in the customer service industry. Our staff wears sharp, professional uniforms that make a visible presence in the building. Secured Security Limited employees are also trained to handle conflict situations and to deal with confrontation in a calm yet professional manner.

Having concierge in your building has many benefits. Foremost, the concierge will ensure that only residents and their visitors enter the premises. This will give the residents peace of mind to know that there building is safe and secure from any potential intruder. Our concierge will pleasantly greet all residents and visitors that enter the building. We will also accept and deal with any noise complaints that may occur. We are also able to accept packages from couriers on behalf of the residents of the building. For additional peace of mind, all our concierge staff has their Basic Security Training (BST) certificates.

Satisfaction Guaranteed