Secured Security Group offers Intelligent Synergy Solutions for your peace of mind.

Imagine going to sleep at night knowing that no matter what happens with your building, there’s a company that can step in with your best interest in mind, field any emergency phone call, take care of what needs to be done in the moment and provide you with a summary the next morning.

Nowadays, there are so many contractors to deal with when managing a building, it’s hard to keep track of what everyone is up to. That’s where Secured Security Group comes in. It specializes not only in providing security guards, mobile patrols, alarm response and remote video monitoring, but this professional company also specializes in landscaping, janitorial site maintenance, snow removal and even parking enforcement with a 24/7 response. Your complete synergy solution! Proven to work in Europe where the Secured leadership team concept developed.

“We’re taking a lot of stress and headaches away from property managers because we give then 24-hour coverage and an overview as soon as they wake up.” explained Bal Jouhal, president and CEO of Secured Security Group. “They know before the tenants complain.”

What really draws clients to Secured Security Group is that it is an ISO certified company so its services are held to the highest international standards.

“If a client calls with a compliant, there’s a procedure we follow from the moment of the complaint to the moment we close if off.” said Jouhal, whose business covers an area stretching from Langley to Whistler and Vancouver Island, from small residential buildings and multilevel malls to high-rise office towers.

A typical service that Jouhal provides would be to respond to after-hours emergencies on the client’s behalf.

“We have emergency contact details for all the tenants to let them know right away what’s happening in real time because we are doing the supervision at night.” said Jouhal. “So we take care of the emergency when alarm bells go off at 2 a.m., not 8a.m. when people are getting to work.”

“Property managers don’t want to spend all morning cleaning the mess from the night before,” said Jouhal. “They can go to sleep knowing the their properties are in safe hands. With Secured Security Group on their team, they are Secured in our hands”