Additional Information

Each client we serve at The Secured Property Group presents a unique scenario for our team. We are dedicated to tailoring our services to ensure we meet and exceed client expectations. To help us understand the challenges involved and deliver a fair quote, clients will be asked to provide information relating to the questions below:

· Where is the property/business located
· When is the approximate date the service will begin
· What kind of shifts/coverage is needed
· What is the emergency contact after hours
· Billing/Contact address
· Contact Details of person requesting the service
· Are washroom/break facilities available for staff
· Will the guard be required to patrol the property interior/exterior?
· Will access be required for any outside parties such as cleaners/contractors etc?
· How will SPG team members access the property? Will they need keys?
· How will SPG team members contact the property owner if needed?
· Who should be contacted in the event of an incident?
· What specific incidents should the individual be kept aware of?
· Are daily reports required?
· Is a report per incident sufficient?
· Will the SPG team member require any special equipment?
· Are there any other items/issues SPG should be made aware of?