Ready to take your security or property maintenance to new heights? As one of Western Canada’s most trusted providers, The Secured Property Group is standing by to assist with your needs. Find out from some of our clients how we helped achieve their goals.

The staff and management of Secured are very professional in their approach. Always available and willing to do more than requested. 

Through collaborations, such as being our preferred vendor during the Olympics, I have borne witness to Secured Groups operational strengths.

They provide us with an all inclusive services package… security, site janitorial and landscaping services, while incorporating technology and real time up to date communication, so we are always aware what is going on.

The security guards as well as the owner are always on top of any issues and only one phone call away in case of emergency. Secured Property Group is by far the best security company that I worked with in my 15 years of experience managing properties.